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Albert Einstein once insisted that doing the same thing over and over while expecting a different result is insanity. Sure, we are facing some insane times throughout society, with our youth. Fortunately though, we don't have to!

By way of the "S4TF" FY24 Pillars Challenge, we are committed to eradicate juvenile delinquency through our latest initiative: Project 100!

The past decade of substantial, exploratory research has prepared our organization to offer the public a blueprint for issue-resolution (preventing senseless conflict) and a blueprint to develop and sustain, both, neighborly and prosperous communities.

Stay tuned, for regular site updates. Explore and connect. Feel free to ask questions. If you are or represent those between the ages of 3-25 and you are seeking to be a positive difference maker--regardless of your background--"S4TF" offers ALL PEOPLE the opportunity of a lifetime.


"S4TF" is unmatched. Believe that. Simply check the stats!


And, we're already "Molding Tomorrow, Today". What are you waiting for? Please join us!


P. S. - Weekly Blog Entries Resume October 2023! 

A Message from "S4TF" Executive Director: Reggie Hill, M. Ed. - pictured in front of America's oldest standing City Hall (111 Royal Street - Mobile, AL).

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