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A Delay Isn't A Denial!

From Reggie Hill, M. Ed. –


Great Day, Good People. Peace be with you!


And, please accept my sincerest apologies. I had every intent to make this post yesterday (Friday). But, I just couldn’t. Friday December 15, 2023 was one of the busiest days of my life. Surprisingly, most of it was spent in the same building. Additionally, Happy Birthday to Mr. Brian Brownlee. When I started "Success 4 the Future" he was right there every step of the way. Without him; his hardwork; diligent commitment to underserved neighborhoods; willingness to sacrifice time and resources for the next generation; or expertise on promotion/marketing; and creating positive memories for all those involved, "Success 4 the Future" would not be what it is today! Thanks, for who you are!


Now to today's topic of discussion... For those who don’t know, I have aspirations of becoming a lawyer… so that I can help those who have gone off course in life and so I can represent communities who are abused by the powerful. While I won’t go into full details just yet… know that I witnessed both instances yesterday.


As a believer in Christianity, the past few months have been quite challenging for me. My faith had been tested like never before. It was as if God truly wanted me to see if my trust was what I claimed it to be. Though the process was draining, I do feel that I have grown more in recognizing the fullness thereof…


This post, I simply want to remind you to write it down and make it plain. As well, take advantage of every opportunity that aligns with your ambitions. Others may see your same vision and they may not anticipate you fulfilling such a feat. That doesn’t matter though. And, when your thought becomes a written testament, the universe has to respond differently.


Never accept that a goal is too lofty to achieve. Instead, map out the most convenient and realistic way to get there. Be persistent with your expectations and hold yourself accountable before depending on those around you to be on board.


We have faced some challenging times as a human race, since 2000. I know that better days are ahead. We need your contribution to ensure such. Further advance your craft. Finds ways to support the dreams of those closest to you. Be willing to be an outlet for those who have nowhere else to turn for assistance. And, find ways to serve the masses through your own gifts. The world needs you.


Keep doing amazing things!


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