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Window Seats!

From Reggie Hill, M. Ed. –

Great Day, Good People! I send positive energy your way! Much gratitude for staying in tune!

Today, remember that it is ok to discover.

While certain ideas are absolute (i.e. – 1 + 1 = 2), most of what we determine in life has an ongoing conclusion. Though specific instances are definitely finite, all records of best (no matter how long it stands/takes) often find the (next) better.

It’s not that we should have a Plan B on reserve or that broad optimism is too large for tangible reality… all expectation stems from what is known and what is strategically attainable. Do you have any examples of what you’re seeking? Is there a logical route of facilitation in place, even for an innovative production? How accessible are the success tools?

Surely, there are moments when your wealth (of experience or affluence) will foster a platform to be all-wise (giving) amongst those in a particular gathering… yet our overarching goal, when assembled with others, should be that of an intelligence-sponge. What more can you learn? Advancing further looks like?

There will had been times in your life where you felt detached from the (self) provision necessary to fulfill your God given purpose. Were you able to conquer those encounters, victoriously, will be the debate for the people aligned to your societal contribution (throughout the course of time). I believe, as long as you keep (worthwhile) discovery at the forefront of your life’s ventures, you can’t avoid reaping the rewards of any relatable interacting engagement.

The best instances of our lives, as I have found, arrive at the least expected times. Even when you feel intently positioned, results are based on the gestures of character.

Who you are and how you perform, though distinct, can’t be separated when developing skills. We must examine learning as lifelong and we must not assume defeat when detoured from a designed path. Paraphrasing Dr. King—our response to adversity determines the strength and meaning of a man.

Selfless ambitions enable infinite prosperity. May our focus be on massive (positive) influence through our individual gifts. The world is waiting for us to get beyond what we don’t know and create all we desire as consequence to what we “go figure”.



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