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8th Notes

Our Efforts to Preserve the Arts

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If you live in the State of Alabama you have noticed the dwindling participation within extracurricular activities, particularly as it relates to the Fine Arts. This is a direct result of minimal or non-existent Band and Choir programs amongst feeder patterns.


Middle Schools, primarily, either lack the resources or their curriculum just doesn’t offer Instrumental or Vocal courses. Research shows that Musicians perform better academically because the craft (of Music) embodies all main scholastic subject matter

(i.e. Math, Reading, History, Science, Technology, and even Foreign Language).


Through Project 8th Notes, “S4TF” offers youngsters (Grades 3-8) with a break to master an instrument, produce tracks (records), or learn how to sing. With MARS (Musicianship, Academic Readiness, and Service) as our focus we ensure that children are given the tools to use Music as an outlet and means for future success.


Keep in mind, millions of dollars are offered through college scholarships (in Alabama alone) each year for Musicians to study anything from Engineering to Business Management. Musicians also acclimate better, socially.

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Exert from The Mission



Mu Kappa Phi, Music Organization was founded on Sunday April 18, 2004 in Mobile, Alabama by 7 Young High School Musicians: Most Musical Reggie Hill; M.M. Marshall Freeman; M.M. Jeremy Gibbs; M.M. Jarvis Dennison; M.M. Roderick Copeland; M.M. Javonta McClain; and M.M. Quentin Agee.


These young men, then comprised of the 3 most influential schools of the area at the time (S. S. Murphy; J. L. LeFlore; and C. F. Vigor), decided to establish an organization that would connect the High School Musicians of the Region and exhibit to their fellow Citizens the importance of

Music and Service.


Upon meeting, these Architects of Artistry designed an insignia; established a motto, purpose, creed and hymn; created a constitution and bylaws; constructed an initiation ceremony; and elected officers. The impact is ever growing – generating Doctors, Engineers, Educators, Award-Winning Producers, Fashion Designers, Public Servants (Political), Professional Entertainers, and Business Owners alike.


Each young man afforded membership holds high the valued qualities of Musicianship; Service; Scholarship; Leadership; and Brotherhood. Regular events include: 8th Notes; Molding Tomorrow, Today!; Soul Bayou; Scholarship Symposium; and The Rebirth Showcase.

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iHEAL (iHelp Empower ALL Lives)

iHEAL was established to serve as the engine to allow young people room to create and execute their own solutions to the issues they face from day to day in their varying communities (Home, School, Work, etc.).


With a focus on Self-Empowerment; Civic Engagement (Education, Poverty Elimination, Judicial Reconstruction); and Imagination Awareness – “S4TF” uses iHEAL to find a positive and effective answer for the most pressing matters most often overlooked or unattended to.


The main aspiration is to develop activities that ensure our youth appreciate life and recognize that their personal practice contributes to the greatness of any given or approached environment. How complaints turn into revived corrections. Access to favorable professions are most accessible through this Project, as well.


iHEAL Initiatives include: Right Now Leaders Forum; Dreams 2 Reality Seminar; Love Thy Neighborhood Service Festival; and The SGA Think Tank.


L.I.F.T. (Life Is For Thinkers)

L.I.F.T. is our direct approach of meeting people where they are. We emphasize the efforts of communicating with our youth rather than talking at them. This allows for open dialogue and the ability to pinpoint where our attention should be.

Lasting; Loving; Laughing; Learning; Living - these are the components that we have discovered to matter most to adolescents. By understanding the basis for each, an opportunity for positive-existence is established.

The main goal of L.I.F.T. is to revive and reshape the imagination of our youngest thinkers. Participants quit making excuses, stop lingering in the past, and learn to be responsible for themselves... Becoming productive Citizens of Society!



With Golf; Basketball; Football; and Baseball as the focus... Ascend uses Athletics to teach young people the benefits of hard work, role playing, punctuality, discipline, and collaboration, primarily.

Throughout the State of Alabama, we witness year after year - D1 caliber athletes who never Ascend to the next level. Either because they lack the needed exposure or they can't meet the NCAA academic requirements prior to High School Graduation. 

Not only do we prepare prominent sportsman to reach new heights, we ensure that their presence in the classroom and community is just as tangible - now and into the future (after Sports).

This is the stepping stone towards competitive success!


When we train them now, they are fully equipped to make & be the difference - in the future!




"Efforts of Harmony in a World of Discord"

Here at "Success 4 the Future" we have one objective - to make the world the best it can be. Explore our website and see how we are advocating change. We are always seeking volunteers and people that wish to make a worthwhile difference. Take the opportunity, with us. Make that lasting impact! Welcome to our website!

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