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Rinse & Repeat?

"S4TF" Participant (Kindergarten) surprises Ex. Dir. Hill with a note (drawing). A reminder that creation is based on inspiration... #WOWMoments

From Reggie Hill, M. Ed. –

Great Day, Good People! Sending positive energy your way!

I was able to see so much, this week. Yet, the most important realization was a mere reminder of what has been most consistent since the inception of human existence.

In the coming days, while we will summarize prior discussion topics, the primary focus will be towards the notion of modeling. Though, there is a recognizable profession, with the same description… this identification is reflective of example setting.

Provision weighs heaviest on external (demonstrated) perspective. Even as we internalize a particular position… our stance is reliant upon outcomes or consequence (more times than not), arguably.

As you continue towards manifesting your ideas, give regard to influence, impression, and intent. Though one may not see a specific blooming during a distinct timeframe (setting), this does not conclude that extension is nonexistent.

Be the best study guide in whatever your endeavor. The test results will surely surprise you!


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