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Vision, In Pairs... (Catch Up, Mustard! #2)

From Reggie Hill, M. Ed. –

Great Day, Good People. Welcome back to our Blog. As you know Wednesday is our most informative post. Offering balance to last week’s discussion, today I want to cover a lingering topic that gets very little attention: the generational stereotypes of Western Civilization.

Not too long ago, it was illegal for people of Color to read. This was based on fear that those who learned how to read would rise up against the elitist structure which controlled the United States of America.

There even became a common phrase that insisted, if you want to hide something from a Black man, place it in a book.

If you are abreast on the happenings of current society, particularly in the State of Alabama, you know that literacy has suffered tremendously over the past several years… even well before the pandemic. Yet, there have been no massive approaches to eliminate this catastrophe. What’s most mind boggling is the fact that soon, those same grade school age adolescents will be in position to lead society. Will they be prepared though?

“S4TF” continues making strides towards eradicating illiteracy. But it’s going to take a multitude of resources and many hands on deck to achieve a significantly positive outcome.

Instead of writing in detail, I want to use a video to highlight the struggles that appear before us. And to be clear, while White Supremacy is a real thing, it is by no means my intent to chastise White people. Personally, I feel that people of Color in positions of power are doing far more damage to our underserved communities than any others. We will dive deeper into both concepts in the near future.

Also, since the 2nd Grade, I have called someone White my best friend!

Until we can face our past, we shall never truly, best shape our future. We must be willing to have the tough conversations and hold each other accountable. As well we must be empathetic to the stories of our fellow neighbors. Knowing that humans are products of their exposure, what we reflect upon one another is the consequence of what we have seen and endured before.

Thank you for making time to view this message. If you know of any young learners struggling to improve their scholastic stature, please do not hesitate to reach us. We are well equipped to uplift our people. Help us be the difference by making us aware of any academic irregularities. We’d be happy to connect. Until we read again…


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