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What's His Is Ours! (Catch Up, Mustard! #9)

From Reggie Hill, M. Ed. -

Great Day, Good People. Blessings to you and your family.


I know that Sunday’s have been dedicated most to spiritual reflections. But, I felt moved to share a passage with you that resonated deeply with me. From time to time, it’s best that we reflect on a sound foundation—to guide us in the best direction. Why not use this moment?


One of our newest Project Participants joined the Teenage Club today. And all I could think about was how much potential he has and the impact he should make on the world throughout the remaining years of his life. Living in this climate of human endeavor it’s not as easy to exude your greatest form of existence. Being distracted is an understatement. To imagine when I was 13 would mean referencing the year before 2000. Oh how the world has changed since then.


While my generation really had to seek knowledge, the youth of today have almost every bit of information right at their fingertips. The biggest difference is the fact that right now adolescents have access to so many negative influences. Can you fathom being drawn in so many varying directions and still having to be humble or reserved? As conflict and hostility reach all-time highs do you feel you would be a model example of “conducive behavior” everyday of your life?


Let us not forget even regular sitcoms foster some of the most vulgar scenarios known to man, and it’s deemed normal. What state of mind would you have, being a child in 2023?


Nonetheless, regardless of how society has evolved… it still remains the same that we each are given unique gifts for unique times. Some instances call for material provision, while others demand support, encouragement, and comfort during the fondest times of need. Either way, we each are tasked with uplifting those around us.


“S4TF” teaches that we each are minute pieces to the larger puzzle of life. When either of us fail to fulfill our purpose, it not only hurts us individually… it hinders the progress and prosperity of all people we are connected to.


I challenge you to recommit yourself to the gift that you were given from above. Yes, there may appear to be times when nothing is working in your favor and sure there will be experiences where you give your all and that still isn’t enough… but, what’s necessary to remember is that while you are here, the universe is incomplete without your meaningful contribution.


As we enter 2024, may we be more in tune with what we have to offer. May we find more ways to collaborate with those around us, even when we aren’t fully likeminded. And, may we be so observant that when our loved ones are struggling we not only come to their aid—we create a resolve that proactively prevents the same inconvenience for others.


I believe in the power of we. We know that strength is in numbers. How can you improve your own skillsets? And, how can you propel others to be the most positively effective individuals they can be? These inquiries should be our objective. I have faith that you will figure this out!


Keep doing great things!


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