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They Do Exist! (Catch Up, Mustard! #10)

From Reggie Hill, M. Ed. –

Great Day, Good People. Peace be with you!

As I write this, my heart is heavier than most days… even during such challenging times for society. I find myself pondering (more in depth) on the value of life. There are the challenges of believing power, with all its extremes, all while considering the isolated thinking of those only familiar with their own existence.

Words have such influence. When messages are crafted through sound, emphasis, and cadence—the reaction is always greater than the original act. How often have humans been swayed through catchy advertisement? How many times have trends been the precursor for normalcy? Knowing that humans have learned the same way since the beginning of time (copying what we see and repeating what we hear), we should not be surprised by societal results—when a particular means of exposure is most-relevant.

Today, I watched 3 (three) 7th Graders who look like me read about a man who was lynched, even while being in custody of local law enforcement. As I digest their weekly patterns, my main intent is always to propel them as critical thinkers who examine any instance holistically. In Middle School how are you to process an encounter that happened generations before, relate it to your life, and make it resonate in importance? How do you examine something so serious and still embrace the innocence of adolescence?

While the ways are new, the days seem the same. Sure, people aren’t roped up on trees—for public display, anymore. Yet, through (arguably) unforeseen constructs, human endeavor has evolved to strategic acts for the same lifeless outcomes.

For months now, I have been previewing (solution-based) discussions I intend to have with you all. And, not from a stance of offering something we can try… instead showing why the people should support an approach and initiative that actually works towards resolving the matters that seem to be exhaustingly inconvenient for the masses.

Stay tuned as we learn how to reshaped determined imaginations. Keep sharing your individual gift… because we need our collective abilities!

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