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Strength, Through Difference? (Catch Up, Mustard! #6)

From Reggie Hill, M. Ed. –

Great Day, Good People! I send positivity your way. Thanks, for making time to tune in.

Currently, I am on a journey of restorative justice for those most underserved.

Please stay engaged as I unpack the challenges facing Society at this time.

Local Government offers the most comprehensive example of the National experience that is unique to no geographical setting.

Simple question… how well do you know the happening of your Municipality? What steps are we taking to improve the quality of living, for the most vulnerable?

The value for human life has decreased tremendously for those with less than 3 decades on Earth. Your insight (answering the above proposed questions) offers a blueprint to examine best solutions.

Standing alone is not advantageous for a universal movement. Nonetheless, the gesture of accepting the role to be the lone example (for what is right) is absolutely imperative for difference-making transformation (amongst The People).

We’ll dive deeper into this, very soon. Keep doing amazing things!


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