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Still Finish!

From Reggie Hill, M. Ed. –

Great Day, Good People. Blessings to you and your family.

It seems like everything in the world was in place today to keep me from writing this blog. And while it’ll have to be considered Pacific Standard Time… at least we are still here.

Earlier I had the opportunity to meet with Project Participants who just or following 1 more Final Examination will have just completed their first Semester in College. Though I support obtaining an education wherever is best suited for one’s needs… I must say that it’s overwhelmingly motivational to know that they represented 3 different HBCU’s in the State of Alabama.

Our conversation included the superlatives of high academic standards along with the challenges of adjusting to considerably a new home. Even though they are truly young adults now. I could tell how much instruction still matters to them. It made me think how many of their peers still need additional guidance beyond that of the regulated education arena.

Much of what I plan to discuss this month and in the coming weeks could be summed up from the exchange I had on the 1st Friday afternoon of December 2023. What are we doing to ensure that the leaders of tomorrow are prepared to provide for the next generation? How are we building up confidence in the younger generation, to not only follow their aspirations but to also properly strategize for their best intended outcome? What is our response when an instance of expectation doesn’t go as planned? Pruning and encouragement go hand-in-hand, when shared properly. Knowing that we all need development throughout the course of life… remember how vital that is for those who have barely been here 2 decades or less.

Keep being great!

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