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Rearranging The Furniture... (Catch Up, Mustard! #5)

From Reggie Hill, M. Ed. –

Great Day, Good People! Can you believe that it’s already November? Before we know it, 2024 resolutions will be cluttering our social media feeds. Are you excited about the holiday season? There is so much to examine in this part of the year. For whatever reason the business of the people doesn’t slow down as a result of annual celebrations. My intent is to keep you informed on major happenings. Especially if you reside in the Gulf Coast.

Excuse me for not warning you all that this week’s “Catch Up, Mustard!” would be released on Thursday instead of Wednesday. When your goal is to spread meaningful information to the masses, there are times when duty calls you away from normalcy. I promise to let everyone know ahead of time in the future, say there are other similar moments.

I want to highlight City of Mobile business, this week. Let me begin with how I had to “rearrange the furniture” as some said.

Have you ever had that friend who is so sure of themselves that they will justify when instances occur out of normal order… simply because it better fits their narrative of how something should take place at the moment? This has looked different throughout the course of time. We have moments, where Extreme Supremacists used the Holy Bible to support slavery and segregation. We’ve seen where multibillion dollar Corporations have paid starving wages to their employees, while pocketing advances and increases 100 times the average worker’s salary, in the so called name of the “American Dream”. We even see where Citizens are murdered by those sworn to protect and serve them, because fear of survival is enough to claim a life of someone who “seems or appears” threatening.

In certain communities, disputes are enough to invoke danger. Mishandling of funds could even cost you your life in particular neighborhoods. This does not negate the idea, however, that the elitist structure of the United States is responsible for the inconveniences which plague human existence here. In this place we each call home.

Sometimes you have to remind leaders of the rules. Is it fair to impose a restriction or requirement on the Public, while Officials have discretion to act as they please? I think not. We’ll discuss the happening of my presentation (10/31/23) a bit more, in the coming days!

Many of you are aware that Mobile, AL is in the middle of a housing and conflict resolution crisis. Yet, we continue to find money for agenda items that do not fit into our current list of priorities.

Just this week, The City proposed (basically) a $10M increase to the Civic Center renovations. Yet, we still don’t have a full design and not one copper penny has been placed inside the facility itself. This would make more than $50M spent and just for the parking lot, mostly. WOW! There is even news reporting that suggests each parking spot would be worth about $40K. We’ll discuss this ridiculousness a lot more next week, I imagine.

What do you think we could do to help eradicate poverty with $20M? I would love to know your ideas. Send them to me, please. And, be specific with your approach!

On another note, Alabama’s first City named her first Black Mobile Fire-Rescue Department (MFRD) Chief earlier this week (approved by the reported Mobile City Council). Chief Johnny Morris has been with MFRD for more than 2 decades, and he seems to be well versed in the operations to this wing of our Municipal Government. However, there seems to be much to discover about this matter.

Interestingly enough, 2 weeks ago, when it was announced that Mr. Morris would take the reins of MFRD, his name was called in the (reported) Mobile City Council meeting to be recognized by the (reported) Mayor and he wasn’t in the building. Then, this week when Mr. Stimpson was introducing him (after struggling to remember what day it was) in the new role, he goofed and suggested that Mr. Morris was there to become the new Police Chief.

Now I am not one to believe in superstitions at all. However, I totally believe that divine intervention has many forms. Sometimes it will have the truth to be revealed, when that was not the intent at all.

Many of you are aware that MFRD is facing serious legal issues right now, as it pertains to personnel matters. Does this explain the untimely departure of the previous MFRD Chief… whose announcement to leave came as a serious surprise to our (reported) Elected Officials? Interestingly enough those legal problems involve Black people. It seems quite fitting that when a major claim is based on discrimination, bigotry, and coercion… The City’s response is to justify their actions by given it a new face.

I recall hearing phrases growing up, when referring to the elderly women in my family, which insisted that you can take the girl out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the girl. To me this meant 2 primary ideas… 1). You can’t just dress something up and it be different than what it truly is. Your pet in a (human inspired) Halloween costume is still an animal; and 2). The basis for our development impacts the gestures of our actions regardless of the when or where.

Let us not be finessed by the “Pomp & Circumstance” of political reasoning. Instead let us rise with high levels of intellect and be participants in the business of life. For those who don’t know, there are decision makers who determine how each of us live. Yes, you can have your goals and achieve them too. But, somewhere, someone is placing regulations on how you conduct yourself and what you have access to.

There is so much more to discuss. We’ll breakdown more as the days ahead commence. We’re looking for soldiers of progression to step up to the forefront. Let us help you do it. Stay in touch!


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