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Preserving Thanks, Through Giving... (Catch Up, Mustard! #8)

From Reggie Hill, M. Ed. –


Great Day, Good People. And, Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate.


In my adult years I became more complacent with honoring holidays in America, until I had a unique conversation with my Mother a few years ago. Those who are close know that this will be the first Holiday Season I experience without her being here. In that conversation (paraphrasing here) she instilled a new idea which suggested that anytime the United States Government takes a break—we taxpayers should do the same, by spending time with those we love… thus strengthening our alliances as a people and family.


Honestly, I am glad she revived my belief in these customary expressions because it has paved a path for me to grow closer to those I care about. Going forward I will use these moments to improve relationships and build bridges for those who need a helping hand. I send the spirit of encouragement for anyone dealing with loss during this time.


Today, I wanted to highlight a treasure we lost too soon in our Country. November 22, 2023 marks the 60th anniversary to the assassination of my favorite President, Mr. John F. Kennedy (POTUS 35).


While there is no long enough stint to explain the numerous contributions made by JFK, I do want to highlight that it was (primarily) his vision that led to so many drastic changes for people of Color and those living in the worst societal conditions. Whether it be Civil Rights, Voting Rights, Education Rights, or merely access to opportunity… JFK was at the forefront of the charge to truly make America live up to its principles and promises to her Citizens.


Had this man lived, I believe our international community would be better. Unfortunately, it is left up to us who are aware of the disparities and actually have a resolve to the inconvenience. Let this be a call to action for us to stand with those who live in high-poverty and underserved neighborhoods. Stay tuned as I make it plain on how we do this. I look forward to your input and expertise. Whatever you have to offer, I promise it will make life better as we know it.


Keep doing great things. The world needs you!


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