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From Reggie Hill, M. Ed. –


Great Day, Good People. Peace be with you!


What a beautiful time to walk with The Ultimate Power Source… This week I am confident that such a statement shall make sense to the masses. Particularly those in Alabama, and America. The necessity of being (universally) in-tune has never been more imperative than in this moment of human endeavor.


Certain constructs have influenced our perception on community and individuality. Yet, knowing that exposure is the root of acceptance—we can rest in knowing the positive potential of meaningful conversation.


Unless you believe in something larger than yourself, you can never even see your full potential… let alone meet (fulfill) [it]!


Nonetheless, I can fathom the argument of hesitation for extreme trust (belief) in something… especially when direct circumstances (consistently) produce atmospheric inconvenience.


Still, where there is love, we find our greatest abilities. This embodiment grants us room to evolve beyond ideology and foster justice and sustainable opportunity. Imagine the difference (regardless of the instance), when we live with love!


Welcome to #TheShift. Thank me later…



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