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On The Road Again... (Vol. 3 #8)


“Never allow the normalcy of life to define the extraordinary of you…”

Are you one of those people who just gets up and goes or do you prefer to plan out your destined journey? Either way, the idea is to keep moving.

With everything going on in society, it’s rather difficult to feel as comfortable or excited about going places and being involved. Nonetheless, we must remain motivated to engage with others. Our species is deigned to interact with those who are like us and peacefully embrace those who are different.

Think about your adolescent years of life. The majority of your concentration was geared towards standing out, all while trying to fit in – at the same time. You wanted to be comfortable. Yet, you desired to discover what was new in the world and what you could gain.

How many times have you imagined creating or becoming something, only to be discouraged by those around you – because it seemed to difficult or it had never been done? That’s a terrible feeling. Nonetheless, it is imperative that one keeps pursuing their goals and aspirations, regardless of the potential outcomes.

Please note, that everything in life won’t always be at its best the first time that you attempt it. But, if you keep going forward – I believe you will eventually get there.

Life is too long to spend time wondering what you could’ve done. Instead, turn your thoughts into actions, and your actions into standards. It’s ok to reflect on the standards set by those before you, sure enough. But there is nothing like making your own course of expectations and then bringing them into fruition. Go for it. The world is waiting on your greater!


If you hear something long enough, eventually you might just believe it. Unfortunately with news media today, if you want to hear a particular message all you have to do is tune in to a specific channel. By having little to know diversity in the sound bites, both short and long, we prevent ourselves from truly learning. Here, we will examine how Tucker Carson insists that certain people in the country: hate the country but still want to rule it. There were some unique takeaways from this.

(Highlight = It's not that long. Watch it all.)


(Highlight = While us adults were arguing over monuments and growing anxious as a result of the Coronavirus, 6 young children were killed in America. One day, I will address the gun issue. It started with a rock!)


Our Reflective Tones, for Vol. 3. # 8, belong to Bob Dylan: Blowin' In The Wind (Simple, while so articulate and reflective.)

"S4TF" Moment...

For the next several months you will continue to read and hear about the "S4TF" Conservatory of Imagination. From our studies we have found that the world needs meaningful projects and programs that emphasize on Behavioral Learning; Civic Empowerment; and the Fine Arts Industry. Through such activities we will develop contributing Citizens on Society. Their testimonies will become stepping stones for those who follow after. Contribute to our cause as we continue to create success for the future!

Create moments that not only endure a lifetime, but that also promote making the best of time - for your life...

Thanks, for being here. Stay Connected!

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