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Keep Creating Memories... (Vol. 3 #7)


“As long as you have amazing experiences, you can retain amazing moments…”

Have you ever noticed how members of your family reach out on your birthday, and do their best to make weddings? But, we can almost guarantee that everyone will be there when it’s a funeral.

This has always seemed backwards to me. Why isn’t everyone there for new births and life milestones? Yet, we are always compelled to attend burials. I would imagine, it’s the ceremonial idea of sharing our last goodbye. Only thing is, those who have transitioned can’t physically see or hear you.

Most families are blessed to have a matriarch who all but demands the bloodline to congregate on holidays and reunion years. And usually, until that person passes away, you can count on the entire troop to be present and participate in the designated activities.

Though friends are extremely important for our day to day existence – our family is the most vital element of our species. Unlike friends, we don’t get to choose our born into family. Meaning, a greater power had intentions of connecting a certain group of people for a certain reason.

Now don’t get me wrong here, I know that many people prefer the affiliations they have made, over the chronological lineage they are biologically a