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Keep Creating Memories... (Vol. 3 #7)


“As long as you have amazing experiences, you can retain amazing moments…”

Have you ever noticed how members of your family reach out on your birthday, and do their best to make weddings? But, we can almost guarantee that everyone will be there when it’s a funeral.

This has always seemed backwards to me. Why isn’t everyone there for new births and life milestones? Yet, we are always compelled to attend burials. I would imagine, it’s the ceremonial idea of sharing our last goodbye. Only thing is, those who have transitioned can’t physically see or hear you.

Most families are blessed to have a matriarch who all but demands the bloodline to congregate on holidays and reunion years. And usually, until that person passes away, you can count on the entire troop to be present and participate in the designated activities.

Though friends are extremely important for our day to day existence – our family is the most vital element of our species. Unlike friends, we don’t get to choose our born into family. Meaning, a greater power had intentions of connecting a certain group of people for a certain reason.

Now don’t get me wrong here, I know that many people prefer the affiliations they have made, over the chronological lineage they are biologically aligned with. However, since the day you entered the Earth realm – your family, even if just one person, was there for you. And, we must do all we can to preserve that union.

Sure, we all will fight, disagree, and ignore each other from time to time. But, we must never lose sight of what was ordained for our lives before we were even thought of.

As we move through these trying times as a nation and world, do a little more to let your family know that you love them and that you are thinking about their well-being. A call or text will go a long way. Making time to visit and enjoy each other’s company will go even further. Have you shared your love today? Someone might need it…


In case you missed it last week, here is the entire Special Called City Council Meeting - regarding the Face Mask Ordinance. This was my last piece of business, for the week, as I had to place my attention on some family matters that I will explain in future posts.

(Highlight = Watch it all. From the Citizens alone, you will witness good friends who petition for 2 totally different outcomes; how people are taught what to believe; and high tensions from varying personal experiences. It's worth the view. What side of history will be documented as correct? Oh the future memories.)


(Highlight = Sometimes we can repeat the memories that aren't in our best interest. NASCAR had this similar experience recently with their only full-time Black Race Car Driver, when a noose was found in his garage. Interestingly enough, the FBI concluded that this was nothing intentional and that the noose had been there since October of 2019. My, my, this seems all to familiar coming from this agency)

Start your engines, or your Twitter... (<-- CLICK)


Our Reflective Tones, for Vol. 3 #7, belong to The Fugees: The Mask... (It just seemed so interesting that the lyrics matched many elements of COVID-19. These were future memories, I guess? What do you think? - Excuse Any "Explicit" Language.)

"S4TF" Moment...

At a very young age, I learned that sometimes you get exactly what you asked for. The oldest memory that comes to mind is when I was very young and I wanted an extra piece of chicken from Churches. The Manager heard me and gave it to after saying: Be careful what you ask for. This young man, walking alone, saw us practicing for a performance and wanted to participate. Of course we said yes and it turned into an ongoing mentoring session. We encourage our Program Participants to discover what sparks their interest. The reward of the pathway chosen is unimaginable. Go find your memory. It's waiting for you!

Create moments that not only endure a lifetime, but that also promote making the best of time - for your life...

Thanks, for being here. Stay Connected!


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