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Simple Requirements... (Vol. 3 #6)


"We must learn and practice the traits of chameleons, while living as humans..."

Today I had the privilege of completing Voter Registration Clerk Training. Now, I will be certified to facilitate one of the most fundamental rights granted to Americans.

I won't being sharing a lot of commentary, in this post. Instead, I simply want to encourage you to be apart of the electoral process.

Regardless of the community you live in, you are impacted by politics. Please make sure that you are aware of the concerns that matter to your community and most importantly, be sure that you are holding leaders accountable.

Tax dollars that make up Government Budgets are created from all people. Let's be certain that all people are represented,

Make your voice heard or keep your complaints silent...


Don't be alarmed that there wasn't a post for June 30, 2020. That was my meditation day. Even the leading late night shows take 2 days off...

Across this Country, Cities are debating the issue of wearing face covering to combat the Coronavirus. This week, in an episode of #SOLUTION -, I will break this down and explain the severity of the pandemic and the leadership's role on how we get through it. Check out what Mobile, AL had to say, today. These requirement suggestions were very animated.

(Highlight = 4:02:09-4:07:13)


(Highlight = So, many months ago - I was telling family members and friends that Coronavirus testing would be mandatory for students to return to school. In Alabama we see where the State expects to spend $30M for all college students to return to their respective campuses. Interesting thing is - the tests only work for the moment they are taken. I wonder what would happen, if we spent money of natural remedies that would prevent the use of toxic chemicals being injected into the body. What amazing accomplishments could be made for Alabamians with $30M.)

Does this really solve anything...? (<-- CLICK)


Our Reflective Tones, for Vol. 3 #6, belong to The Foreign Exchange: Brave New World (Get all spaces.)

"S4TF" Moment...

If you are familiar with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in Mobile, AL you know about People United To Advance the Dream (PUSH). Here, members of Mu Kappa Phi, Music Organization (MKPhi), an affilate of "S4TF". are pictured with Rev. David Edwards - President of PUSH. In 2018, the MKPhi President was recognized, by PUSH, for Outstanding Service to the Community. He is accompanied by a few of his Brothers. This is who we are.

Create moments that not only endure a life time, but that also create making the best of time - for your life...

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