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More Resources... (Vol. 3 #5)


"Interestingly enough, we wouldn't give certain communities any assistance to sustain their neighborhoods. But, we are able to force those same certain communities to tear down their properties, and charge them while doing so. We begin to line up, in order to speak. Yet, we normally find one lone voice presenting a message that builds all elements of a people..."

A screaming contest of sorts. While most who speak resist extreme enthusiasm, the intent and language each still shout to levels of relevance that ultimately captures the attention of someone.

Where is the substance, though? Where is the attention to the petition that elevates the least of these, ultimately lifting those who are more affluent as well? Unfortunately, we are in a time of massive commercialization. This means that people want instant results and momentary thrills. Being trendy, one might say. While missing the desire to actually make a difference - something far beyond change alone.

As children, toys were often given as rewards or tokens of seasonal celebration. Though as adults, we find those in the forefront of our visual and audible exposure using "toys" as a means to identify power and value.

There was a time when we appreciated what we had and shared what we needed to, regardless of what the personal circumstance might have been at the time. Over the course of a few decades we relinquished our village mentality and traded it for a way of boosting our own ideology while attempting to force others to adopt it. Has this not only resulted in pain, turmoil, and destruction for our people?

Our future depends on each of us sharing our gifts to improve the quality of life for the area of which we live. Though first simply a street, this idea becomes a block, a ward, a neighborhood, a district, a community. As our decisions are local, our imprint is international. Our stories are unique, true indeed. Still, our journeys are the same.

When I put my piece with yours and we put our piece with theirs, I promise you the puzzle will be beyond any greatness we would have ever imagines...


The reason so many people are detached from Civic Engagement is because they were never exposed to its importance during the adolescent stages of their life. Most adults don't become engaged with Civic Affairs until something impacts them directly. Unfortunately, at that time - most people embrace a position that is strictly ideological and halts any opportunity to discover the diversity of thought amongst humanity. "S4TF" will always be committed to exposing our youth the ideas of policy and procedure - while allowing them to make rational independent decisions that uplift their neighbors. One easy way to know what's important to Citizens across the Country is to watch the White House Press Briefing (WHPB). Here's Secretary McEnany from earlier today.

(Highlight = The opening statement and last exchange moments are always the key elements of a WHPB. But, I encourage you to watch the entire video)


(Highlight = If you've never overpaid for something, throughout the course of your life, consider yourself quite fortunate. The feeling you get when you know you've just thrown away resources is a lingering frustration that I wish upon no one. Most times people end up having to throw away more, in attempts to make up for what was previously lost. Have you ever thought about how much money we've spent on relief from the global pandemic or the amount of money we have appropriated to ease our minds, as if we were working towards some actual solution to this worldwide tragedy? Will we ever focus our resources on natural healing methods, instead of the proliferation of chemical injection? I would love to know your take on this matter. Here's what's next for college students across the State of Alabama.)

We'll cover this more in the future... (<-- CLICK)


Our Reflective Tones, for Vol. 3 #5, belong to the Miles Davis Quintet: It Never Entered My Mind... (The title stuck out to me. Thinking Music.)

"S4TF" Moment...

Flashback to 2012, when "S4TF" hosted its 1st Summer Enrichment Program - focusing on entrepreneurship and community operations. Ensuring that young people know about health is imperative. When the people are healthy, the people thrive. We are pictured outside of Huntsville Hospital Corporate University. Here Program Participants learned about Clinical and Medical Education and were given a Radiologic Technology tour never before granted to High School students. Interestingly enough, the young lady in the middle pursued nursing. Humble beginnings.

Create moments that not only endure a lifetime, but that also promote making the best of time - for your life...

Thanks, for being here. Stay Connected!


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