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Does it Matter? (Vol. 3 #3)


"...From her beacon-hand glows worldwide welcome... Give me your tired, your poor, your riddled masses yearning to breathe free. The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me. I lift my lamp beside the golden door!" - Emma Lazarus/Statue of Liberty

If All Lives Matter, why did 3 woman have to cry out: Black Lives Matter?

Somewhere, over the years, we forgot what it meant to be human, to discover, to create, to work together, to love. In this sequence, we isolated our trust and diminished our expectation. As a result, we have chosen to identify ourselves with labels and classifications. Now in society, our energy and existence are consumed by the selfish mannerisms of value and survival.

I personally am able to see each perspective of this ethnicity battle we find ourselves in throughout the United State of America. Let's make the examination.

I see the people of direct African decent, and those of dark skin who live here and have grown restless with senseless violence committed by agencies designed to serve and protect Citizens. To them I say, brutality is more than fatal. This horrific norm, for people who look like me, is experienced through the court system in general - which impacts: housing, education, equitable opportunity, available resources, and the family structure as a whole. Until this understanding is embraced - society will never be satisfied.

I feel the people of direct European decent, and those of a more pale skin who believe that Black people get murdered by the Police because they wouldn't comply to orders or they deserved to have their life taken. To them I say, humans are products of exposure. We have learned the same way - since the beginning of time. We copy what we see, and we repeat what we hear. If one hasn't been exposed to anything different, how can someone else expect them to act or live any differently than what they already know?

Believe it or not, there are people in the middle who represent both foundational elements of this idea. There are Whites who recognize the injustice, and want to do something different. But, they still want to sustain the worth of their own life and feel safe while doing so. While there are Blacks who are disgusted with Law Enforcement at all levels. But, they are also just as disgusted with the idea of Black on Black crime!

Unfortunately, for all of us, most leaders have created their own center which focuses on the color Green. As long as the money is in order - everything else is a free fall. Amazing how these mannerisms of value and survival reappear.

America is arguably the most innovative experiment that ever existed. Right now, we are living in some of its more vital times and how we contribute to our individual communities will directly impact humanity as a whole. We are all simply minute pieces to the larger puzzle of life.

In the 1960s Civil Rights organizations fought for legislative changes that would improve the quality of life for the least of these - consequentially doing the same for everyone. Yet, the language was never enough to resolve the matters that truly plagued our country's most vulnerable and underserved areas. Today, we must engulf ourselves in the lyrical structure that is articulated in policy and law. Once knowledgeable of the procedure we can amend the practice.

Daily we must renew our minds. We must open our imaginations to anticipate peace and prosperity. We must speak harmony and positive production into the atmosphere. We must learn that every God given life is essential to the full universal scope of our population - knowing that every soul is a unique reflection of the Creators image. And, if the image is unclear, we will never get the big picture!

Justice will shine, only when we let it. The people shall breathe, in return. And, according to Lady Liberty, we shall breathe-free...


Listen to the specifics to identify the expected outcome. Here is Rep. Maloney, Chairwoman of the U.S. House Oversight and Reform Committee. This is before they passed the George Floyd Justice In Policing Act. This would be great, if only the House would work with Senate. Language matters.

(Highlight = It's just a minute, since you read so much already)


(Highlight = The idea of elitism and supremacy didn't just begin nearly 2 months ago, when peaceful protests and riots alike began commencing in the streets of our varying Cities. This practice has become so custom that people of several ethnic backgrounds collaboratively exude such behavior these days. Recently a Federal Judge in Houston Texas ordered that children, with their parents, being detained by ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) be released because of Coronavirus (we will get to that soon enough). Now, though the article doesn't say where the Immigrants will be freed to - it does highlight a notion that we, as a nation, are still oppressing people in the name of ideological normalcy...)


Our Reflective Tones, for Vol. 3 #3, belong to J. Cole: Change... (Warning: There are a few explicit lyrics)

"S4TF" Moment...

Through this obstacle course of life, will you ever trust your fellow man to have your best interest, even when neither of you may know what's going on? Is Justice really blind, in America? "Success 4 the Future" believes that these are each living questions which depend on our ongoing present day answers. We establish the environments that develop our character. How we allow our neighbors to live shall eventually effect us also. Let's all do better. In 2017 our "S4TF" Summer Interns organized for us to be a service vendor at the Mobile Police Department's "Movies In the Park". We assisted with various needs for the event; mentored young kids; and were able to fellowship as well.

Create moments that not only endure a lifetime, but that also promote making the best of time - for your life.

Thanks, for being here. Stay Connected!

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