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Who's Attached? (Vol. 3 #2)


"If you're going to bring someone along, make sure that they fit your mood. If you're going to go along, alone, make sure your mood fits the destination..."

Where are we going nowadays? Where do our ambitions carry us to? How far is too far away in the eyes of life's journey? I personally know that I am seeking peace in my life. Fortunately, I have found rest - through my faith - over the years. Yet, I still want to be peaceably happy. I want to be totally secure in my finances, active in my community, engaged with all citizens and proactive with my gifts and abilities.

Though it may seem like a lot, it's really not. These are simply the elements of existence that we should be embracing on a daily basis, anyways.

Have you ever had that moment where you just needed a little extra boost in order to get something done? Ever had to get that word of encouragement from a very close friend as your source of motivation? I know that I have. When I marched in the Band at A&M, I loved going to Friday night rehearsals because I knew everyone would be extra "crunk" (excited, displaying high levels of enthusiasm) and it would push me to perform at my best and with way more intensity. This was a rush that made me feel complete as a bandsmen. It would not have been the same if I was rehearsing by myself.

Why have we developed into a people of solitude? I believe music and entertainment presented us with a facade that you have to get everything on your own and as a result: it has turned us into selfish people - rather than selfless people. And, that's unfortunate. Keep in mind, someone taught you the lessons of love, friendship, and how to learn. While someone also showed you the things that you don't care for in life whether it was intentional or not... So why do we believe that we should just do things on our own? Our power rests in our