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Where we go, from here... (Vol. 3 #1)


“An effortless passion is like a timeless discovery…” Find that which makes you move in ways you never imagined. Become one with something that inspires you to think, live and give freely.

If we all be from One source, that created humanity, why then do we tolerate people being charged with different expressions of interrogation?

Some experience: life questions of productivity; while others face: life questions of alleged destruction.

The scope of societal understanding now becomes: Progression versus Regression; Poverty vs. Abundance; Ignorance vs. Intelligence; and of course Good vs. Evil. “You having lived through one foundational essence of the two sides, in either occurrence, contributes to your character...” Where has that placed you in the structure of Earthly existence?

If the majority of your daily encounters primarily reflected the negative idea of the language articulated thus far, it only insists that we develop a necessary, positive direction and know how not to go astray - regardless of the temptations and distractions that could form on the journey.

At this moment in time, we must live not only for our own sufficiency - but rather for the assurance that there will even be somewhere for our children to live in the future. This means personal responsibility and willingness to collaborate with your fellow man. From this place we shall see our best, as a species.

If you don’t share with those before and after you, how will you know where you're going? Think about it. I end today the same way I started. “An effortless passion is like a timeless discovery…” When you find something that you can do effortlessly, you are very passionate about it, and it consistently makes room for you - embrace it because that is your gift to the world. Your contribution to others! Once you free your mind to live with this passion, YOUR Purpose now becomes an Immortal Discovery! We all thrive, then...


As we face extremely unique times throughout the world, here's a short synopsis of the influential ideologies that got us here. Power structure shapes every endeavor.

(Highlight = 5:38-6:04)


(Highlight = "The appeals court declined to stay, or put on hold, the June 15 order by U.S. District Judge Abdul Kallon.

Kallon granted in part a preliminary injunction sought by four individual voters and three organizations -- the Alabama State Conference of the NAACP, Greater Birmingham Ministries, and People First of Alabama -- who said that certain absentee voting requirements and a ban on curbside voting violated their voting rights because it forced them to choose between not voting or putting themselves at risk of illness from exposure to COVID-19." - AL.Com)

Not only are Voting Rights at risk, for residents of underserved communities - health ideology centers the cause... (<-- CLICK)


Our Reflective Tones, for Vol. 3 #1, belong to Maze Featuring Frankie Beverly: We Are One...

"S4TF" Moment...

In 2013, "Success 4 the Future" ("S4TF") launched Project B.A.M. (Be A Man). These are some of our original Program Participants. Then, we met weekly in the City Council Conference Room of Huntsville, Alabama. Project B.A.M. focuses on Faith Understanding; Tackling Responsibilities; and Practicing Chivalry.

Create moments that not only endure a lifetime, but that also promote making the best of time - for your life.

Thanks, for being here. Stay Connected!


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