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Recognizing Real Labor: For the People! (Vol. 2 #1)

Without a single penny from the city, county, or the banks - I think we're doing pretty well...

As you begin to celebrate your Labor Day weekend, I wanted to highlight some young people that have been putting in some serious work --- on behalf of the communities they represent. This is what worthwhile outreach looks like. These young people aren't just the leaders of tomorrow. They are the change agents of today!

Who was the only youth group to organize and host a forum for Mayoral and City Council Candidates? Mu Kappa Phi, Music Organization of course...

"Molding Tomorrow, Today!" was the Inaugural Leadership Initiative of the Junior Greek Fraternity. They will host the 2nd Annual "MTT!" on Sunday October 21, 2018. This will embody statewide candidates that impact the Mobile Area.

Who was the only youth group to organize and host an event at the Mobile Area Chamber of Commerce? iHeal of course...