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It's Time to Advance How We Learn... (Composition #13)

Theme: Humans, young people especially, are products of their exposure. Let's change what we introduce to our lives...


* Behavioral Learning (Heart & Mind)...

* Civic Engagement (Neighbor & Community)...

* The Arts (Recreation, Entertainment, & Industry)...

Hello friends! Welcome to Efforts of Harmony - the Virtual Headquarters of "Success 4 the Future". We are glad that you came to visit us today. Please be sure to subscribe to the website and keep up with everything that we are doing. Also be sure to like us on Facebook (the link is at the top of our home page).

As we enter into FY18, we are seeking to expand our services with the opening of The Global Learning & Communications Center, to house our Conservatory of Imagination and several other opportunities for young people and their families.

Too often teachers spend the majority of their classroom time trying to gain and obtain order, instead of teaching the required studies. Also many children, who don't find the the course material intriguing, become disorderly in the classroom and cause unnecessary disruptions that usually lead to their dismissal from the classroom. This is never productive as opportunities to progress are stalled or cease all together.

Most people who live in underserved areas claim their home as apart of the "hood", mainly because the idea of neighbor has been missing for quite sometime. Unfortunately because of a lack of engagement with municipal affairs, we find that high poverty areas are overlooked and usually don't receive the same improvements that are common in more affluent areas of a city. This leads to poor performance in the academic sector, to blighted and damaged properties, rise in crime and violence ratios, increase of drug distributions, and lack of economic development.

The one universal language is music. You don't have to understand the verbal communication of an artist to recognize the intent of a song. All feelings can be articulated through the fusion of melodies and percussive demonstrations. We all have a song that emphasizes an emotion we have or helps us through a trying circumstance. Also, the entertainment industry is a stepping stone for so many possibilities - as one can manage, design, organize, produce, market, direct, cater, consult, train, choreograph, handle legalities, advise financially, create software, and so much more.

We can't sit around waiting for the government to solve the issues we face in our communities. We have to take responsibility into our own hands and encourage each other to support worthwhile efforts that improve the quality of life for all people. "Success 4 the Future" is willing to step up to the challenge - but we will definitely need your help. If you are ready to see meaningful improvements for young people and their families, here's an opportunity to get involved. Your volunteer hours, ideas, in-kind services, and donations will make the needed impact to reshape society and humanity as we know it.

We would be more than honored to share additional details with you. You can email or call us directly from our homepage. Don't hesitate to contact us, as we look forward to the future communications. God has blessed us with life. Now let us bless God by improving life for others. When we mold our minds to do better and become better, we will witness the best results. Have a great day! Thanks again for visiting!

- Reggie

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