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Where's Your Confidence? (Composition #12)

Theme: The ways of God are higher. The thoughts of God are deeper...


  • Encouraging yourself in the power of God...

  • Living with the power that is within you...

  • Declaring those things as though they were...

Hello friends! I hope that all is well. Welcome to "Efforts of Harmony" - the virtual headquarters of "Success 4 the Future". We are pleased that you decided to visit our site today. We hope that you will explore our mission and various causes. We would love to have your participation and/or your support in our many endeavors. Our society is facing a plethora of problems in today's time. Help us be apart of the solution!

Today's topic focuses on the idea of confidence. Most people place confidence in their phones or alarm clocks to wake them up in the morning. Many people have confidence that their cars will get them to the places they want to go. And, if you're sitting down reading this blog, I am sure you have confidence that you won't suddenly fall to the floor because of some malfunction in your chair, sofa, car seat, stool, bed or whatever. Right?

But if it's so easy to have confidence in these things that truly could fail us, why do we struggle so - to have confidence in the creator of the universe and the savior of all mankind?

I guess this is a similar scenario to people claiming to love God, when they have never specifically seen God, but can't love their fellow man whom they see all the time. I mean, I get it. People want tangible evidence. Humans want to live in a manner of certainty. Our species doesn't always adapt or respond well to surprise or vulnerability. But at some point we have to be willing to walk in a spirit that trusts in the orchestrator of all things that are good, especially if we want to reach our full potential and realize our purpose and calling to the world.

There shouldn't be a day, while you are here on earth, that you can't encourage yourself in the abilities of God! Do you realize that God is greater than any situation that you could face? Don't you realize what's impossible for you is possible for God? God is simply waiting on you to exude the natural, so that he can add the super!

The Word says: Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world. But until you believe this for yourself and walk daily, knowing it to be true, you will never witness the great things that are in store for your life. The same resurrection, sight giving, and water to wine changing power that was exemplified by Christ is within you right now. Do you have confidence in your capabilities is the question.

Just like the farmer who plants the vegetable seeds, we have to plant the seeds of our dreams, our visions, and our expectations. How do you do this? You speak it. You claim it. You declare that things will be so and you trust that those things will come to be. The promises of God are yes and amen! When you declare something and give it over to God, who will not lie, it will definitely come into existence. What has been troubling you, recently? Is their a future accomplishment that you are skeptical about? Are you concerned with the legacy that you will leave behind when it's all said and done?

Well today my friends, I encourage you to walk in complete confidence of our never failing God in Heaven. He has given you power and dominion over this land. Use your free will to establish a harvest of peace, opportunity, and prosperity for yourself and for others. You are wonderfully made and a prized possession of humanity. Live like it! Disregard the trust that you have in people, who can fail - and will disappoint you! Increase your regard for the trust we must have in God! He believes in your purpose. Do you?

Thanks again for visiting our site, and I appreciate you taking time to read the blog. Go be great. Create and believe in your season of success. Much love! God bless!

- Reggie

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