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Where is Your Gift, Today? (Composition #11)

Theme: Your life is so unique it's incomparable to anything else...


* Every movement starts with the first step...

* Even every tall tree was once a seed...

* Give, give, give...

Greetings everybody! I hope that all is well. Welcome back to Efforts of Harmony, the virtual home of "Success 4 the Future". We invite you to explore the website, find out what we're doing, and join us on a journey to improve the quality of life for all people, one community & citizen at a time. Subscribe to the page and let us know what you think.

Today's topic focuses on your gift, that special anointing of yours that is unparalleled to the abilities of others. What is it that you think about all the time? Where do you see yourself when it's all said and done? Who do you want to be remembered as? These are the questions that lead to you identifying your purpose. We will look into this today.

Have you ever taken a road trip with anyone before? The ideal road trip, of course, would be to a destination where a family member or friend is waiting to host you. You have already arranged your departure and arrival times. Plans and activities have been in place for weeks. And, all you have to do is show up and everything will be taken care of. Of course all road trips aren't like this and many involve people just getting somewhere and seeing what happens. But what do all forms of the road trip experience have in common? Regardless of how far you anticipate traveling, you have to get in the car first. Until you make the initial move, there will never be a movement. Is your dream too far fetched for you? Is your vision uncommon among the people? Who are you waiting for to answer these questions?

You reap what you sow has been around for a long time. Yet, I feel that people are still confused about the girth of that statement. Reaping is the harvest. What you sow is what you plant. So this means, when you think, talk, share, believe, indulge, express, teach, listen, build, hate, and love - you are planting something. Eventually your seeds will grow into exactly what you planted. How are you investing in yourself? In what ways do you manage the hours of the day to achieve your goals? How often do you write down and refer to exactly what you want to do with your life? Today is a great day to get those ideas on track.

I honestly feel that it is far more important to give than to receive. But, we each have to know what we are capable of giving. It's not about living a fantasy based on the superlatives of someone else. It will never be about latching on to the substantial progress of another individual just so that you can get by. And, it can never be about using and stepping on others to fulfill our ideological missions. Our responsibility is to encourage others and when necessary, encourage ourselves. Our duty is to support others and their specific causes, all while providing something of our own for society to support as well. Our expectation must always be to better the standard of living and giving as we know it.

There is something special about you, that's needed in today's generation of humanity. There are so many people that have been born and will be born after you that need your efforts of today to be their guidance for tomorrow. Believe in the you that no one else can see. Believe in the future for yourself that no one else can visualize. Create the lifestyle you imagine and desire. Let it be a gift for the whole world to share. You are that unique and what you have is that powerful. Unlike the gift card posted above, you determine the expiration date on your goals! Don't wait for or rely on the responses of others to determine your destiny. Move one step at a time. Plant the seeds of positiveness and prosperity. Give the world your uniqueness. We need it! Thanks for reading. God bless you!

- Reggie

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