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Rest Easy (Composition #10)

Theme: A dedication to a fallen hero...


* Celebrate the life of those who love you...

* Be about the business of helping others...

* Take a stand for things that matter...

For someone who has experienced being attacked by the powers that be, being chased by illuminating forces, & having my phone & means of privacy invaded by those controlling the network mediums, my heart is heavy today, as I reflect upon the assassination of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. - for I have seen his struggle!

The Word tells us however, to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord. So my suffering on today is not in the idea of a great man being called to his eternal home, but rather in the results of his untimely death.

On April 4, 1968 - America took a turn for the worse & we haven't looked back since!

Because of the moderate infiltration of negativity & hostile motives in our brains through entities such as TV, music, internet, movies, & social media - we have seen our country, & society in general, take on what seems to be an unwavering persona of selfishness, brutality, & movements of anti-peace & destruction! So much that was sacrificed on behalf of opportunity & prosperity in the decades before now have become null & void or near non-existent. As our people witnessed a dream turned nightmare, our visions became suppressed in the desensitization of humanity.

What then happened to the value of life & concern for others than self? Why have our communities become hoods, without neighbors? Why now, is it so hard to practice the ideals of love & harmony in this world of hate & discord? Well my friends, the majority of those answers went to the grave with Dr. King - & unfortunately far too few, belittled by the pain & strain of productive pursuit, have been willing to dig them up!

The journey of faith, by far is the most difficult path to travel. For in this venture one finds that the destination is based on substance of hope & not on the perceptions of given reality. Plagued by the distractions of man, one finds that trust in this destination is sometimes a wavering lesson encompassed in itself.

In spite of all the turmoil that continues to arise through unwarranted acts of death, such as this particular assassination, I still have a positive outlook. I still believe that the best days for our people & international community wait ahead of us. I still expect the good that resides deep down on the inside of every man to be exuded in our times of trial & tribulation.

Though a simple phrase, transformed into melodic passage, accompanied by sounds of purpose - Love is the Key!

Love being the greatest commandment of them all, supersedes any act that we can do as natural beings. Let us embrace & represent that element, for love is all our people need.

Being stated, my charge is this: Go forth great people & exemplify peace & goodwill towards your fellow man. Go forth great people & be the optimistic visions for today & tomorrow. Go forth great people & use your gifts & abilities to make worthwhile contributions to the land which we live in. Go forth great people & represent the change we desire for our young. Finally, go forth great people in love, & fulfill the purpose for which you have been placed on earth to do.

Dr. King always reminded his audiences how unique they were. From this I conclude that we are each very small pieces of this puzzle called life. Yet, our piece represents a task that no man born before or after us can complete - & when we don't complete this task, whether because of ourselves or at the hands of others, the entire world fails.

So let us pass the test of making the world a better place! This I know, Dr. King would have wanted. I love you all. God bless!

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