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What's the Difference? (Theater Thursday #2)

Hello everybody! Welcome to Efforts of Harmony, the virtual headquarters of "Success 4 the Future". It's Theater Thursday, and we're glad that you are here to join us.

We use this day to highlight a video of some sorts and analyze a concern that is raised from the viewing. Why not talk about education? Regardless of what you become as an adult, it starts from the humble beginnings of grade school. Yet, overtime, many have forgotten to retain that same humility as life-long learners.

Politics plays a heavy role in the education sector. In most states, the State Congress stipulates what happens in schools. Because of this, it is important to be engaged and aware of what's going on. What are we teaching? How are we assessing what is being taught? Are children being molded into responsible adult citizens. Also, when it's all said and done, will I owe tons of money to the government because I chose to better myself in a system that is designed to reward those who further their education?

Welcome to election cycle 2008. In the video below, you will witness the Senate hearing for Arne Duncan, who was tapped as President Obama's Secretary of Education. During the hearing he is questioned by Sen. Bernie Sanders. Amazingly, when this hearing took place, not too many people knew who either of these individuals were. But oh how times have changed. As you watch, listen for concerns that are still relevant today, compare the circumstances of then to the improvements of now (if any), and determine what should be the most urgent matter of the education sector in America. We look forward to your input. God bless!

"Success 4 the Future"

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