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The Company You Keep (Composition #8)

Theme: Your surroundings develop your personality. Your personality develops your experience...


* Yes men...

* Worthwhile dialogue...

* The best interest...

Greetings and welcome to Efforts of Harmony, the virtual headquarters of "Success 4 the Future". We appreciate you visiting our page. Be sure to stay in touch.

Today's topic highlights the influence of the people who are consistent participants in our life. Through this discussion we will examine the varying consequences, both good and bad, of our many relationships. How do we create the best outcomes for our lives with the people that are in it? How do we manage the feelings of others when making decisions that impact more than ourselves alone?

Sure it's great to have people around you that completely agree with you all the time, but where is the serious benefit in that? We all need people to challenge our mindsets and positions on issues and different circumstances. Only then will we establish the best resolve for matters of concern in our lives. This doesn't mean that you have to tolerate argumentative individuals that base their reasoning on senseless pride, bigotry or stubbornness. This simply means that you should be willing to entertain differences of opinions. In moments of debate you will either justify your stance or identify a better solution for dealing with your endeavors.

Have you ever participated in a conversation, and been the only actively engaged participant? Have you ever had a vision that demonstrates some level of achievement and prosperity, and then you articulate this vision to someone who then wants to highlight their own successes and ambitions, or basically shows no interest in what you have to talk about? Or how do you feel when you plan an activity with someone and everyone involved is contributing to the production of the matters at hand? The levels and types of verbal interaction we have develops a platform for the actions we take in our lives. Be sure you are around people that have something valuable to talk about.

How do we determine what is in the best interest of our lives and the lives of others? First we must use proactive judgment, meaning that we identify problems before they happen and act accordingly. Next, we must examine the actual desires and intentions of the people involved, not the many facets of persuasion that society has a way of offering during times of contemplation. Finally, we must determine what can be done in the very moment of any encounter. Only through these steps will we ensure that we develop and progress rather than remaining complacent and regressing.

People are in your life for a moment, a reason, or a lifetime. Acknowledge who is which and walk through life in that assurance. Everything about us can be changed with one interaction. The best decision you can make is surrounding yourself with like-minded people who have unique ambitions and aspirations. The puzzle each of you create together will be a reward that you would never imagine. God bless!

- Reggie

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