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Outlooks on Education (Composition #7)

Theme: Examining the perspectives of all stakeholders creates a better impact for life-long learning...


* Buildings

* Course Offerings

* Instruction Practices

Hello there my people! Welcome to Efforts of Harmony, the virtual headquarters of "Success 4 the Future". Be sure to visit the entire website. We would love your assistance to help our young people. Thanks for stopping by.

Today's topic focuses on a few issues that often plague school systems, and some suggestions to navigate through the concerns that are raised. How important are new facilities for young learners? What will be the long-term effect of course selection? Does having multiple degrees make someone a better teacher?

What's important to remember is that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Be mindful that most opinions are reflective of personal experiences. Our discussion today will cater to my personal beliefs. But instead of completely dismissing the positions of others, it is necessary to analyze all provided information - in efforts to develop the best solution. I look forward to educated responses from all readers who wish to share their ideas.

If you're from the South, then normally you have a unique connection to the beach. Spring Break, Baccalaureate, Family Reunions, Summer Vacations, and regular getaways are often times spent in this atmosphere. So, you can imagine the great vibes that are created on the beach. Don't we pay attention more in a pleasant environment? Aren't you more receptive to the ways of others when you are in an enjoyable situation? These understandings are important for learning as well.

We don't need fancy facilities to advance academically. Now sure it would be nice to have a brand new building to have school at, but isn't a great instructor and students that are willing to learn, the most important factor for a good education? I have witnessed teachers have class outside, when the weather permits, and the students were more engaged and receptive to the subject matter. If anything is important about a building, it must be how welcoming it is to the observer. Does it look like a prison, or does the learning facility look like a place where you can expand your imagination and learn how to cooperate with others? This is what really matters.

There are some education advocates that spend there time ensuring that all schools offer the same courses. Yet, do we really examine how learners retain information? What's the point of offering AP, IB, and advanced level courses in high school if the majority of the students are on middle school reading levels? Does this not create an even more catastrophic possibility? The frustration alone, for most of the students, would propel them to have less interest in studying or learning all together. This is where individual curriculum design becomes ideal. When we are able to cater to the needs of learners based on their abilities and circumstances we witness greater results.

I am currently working on my Master's of Education degree. But, I don't believe that the degree alone will make me more effective as an instructor, simply because I have it. My work ethic, what I research, how well I work with others, how I examine the livelihoods of my students, and how I present information for my students to learn will be the deciding factor as to how great of an impact I made in the lives of young people. I commend all people who advance in their studies, but I have seen many teachers that are certified on multiple levels but can't make a difference in the lives of their students. The youth of today, particularly those in high-poverty and underserved communities need teachers that are committed to more than a paycheck. They need positive, enthusiastic, strong-willed professionals that plan on investing in the lives of students, at any cost.

So if you're fighting for a new building to have school at, don't let it be because another community got a new facility for their young learners or because you want to show off in your neighborhood. Make sure it's to advance education in a positive way, completely. If you are arguing for better course selections in schools, don't let it be because other schools in wealthier communities have greater access. Make sure it's to offer young learners a platform to advance their own unique dreams and abilities. When you minimize your standard of receiving information, you eliminate the full potential to your learning. There's never enough information to gain. But, there must be a chance to gain it. We all are teachers in our own right, because everybody looks up to somebody, and you are somebody! Let us always be living to learn and learning to live. Education is the outlet for the greatness of our people. God bless!

- Reggie

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