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We Are One (Composition #6)

Theme: Green, Blue, Yellow, Orange, all colors, right?


* The unity of your surroundings...

* Acknowledging the similarities...

* Changing the response...

Hello, my people! I hope that all is well. Welcome to Efforts of Harmony, the virtual headquarters of "Success 4 the Future". If this is your first time, you're in for a treat. Be sure to explore our entire website. If you're returning again, we're glad to have you back.

Today's topic focuses on the harmonious possibilities of our society. How can we work closer together with those that we love and those that we dislike? What rewards come from people being on one accord? And, is it worth attempting to love in a world filled with so much hate?

In the entertainment industry, if you're a newcomer, being the opening act for a major headliner is a big deal. A few years back I had an opportunity of a lifetime to perform with my fellow band members of Plan3t 3, as the opening act for MAZE & Frankie Beverly. This group is by far my favorite band and it was a true honor to share the stage with them. My favorite song they ever made is 'We Are One'. If you haven't heard it before, don't worry. You will have an opportunity to bless your ears a little later.

Do you ever just stand outside, looking at the clouds and the sun? That experience would be extremely different if the waving trees, whistling birds, buzzing insects, and beautiful flowers weren't in the mix. Though each of them are different in their own respect, they each add the harmony of the experience. People are the same way. Think about your family, friends, school, church, or workplace. Each person involved adds something to the experience, and each person missing takes away from that same understanding. We are actually more attached to unity than we claim to be or exemplify.

Though shaped in many sizes and seen in many colors, we are one. Even the person you think you hate the most laughs, cries, feels happiness and sorrow, makes wishes, listens to others, and learns. So why do we feel that we are so unalike? The true progress of humanity will commence when we recognize that though our stories are different, the journey is the same. We all want peace, happiness, and prosperity as we know it. We just take our own unique routes to get there. Simple as that.

Scientists say that it takes more muscles and requires more effort to frown than it does to smile. Researchers also claim that laughter adds years to your life. So why is everyone so angry in society? We might have to discuss anger as a topic one day. If everyone knew all of our mistakes or responded to our failures the same way we antagonize people we disagree with, imagine how much more chaos would exist in our various communities. How hard would it be for us to take a step back and examine the position of others before we jump to our own conclusions? I wonder what would happen to people if we were actually considerate of one another, working to link rather than disconnect?

'The Look In Your Eyes' tells a story about the 'Joy and Pain' of your life. 'Before I Let Go' of this opportunity to heighten your imagination, know that regardless of your circumstances, if you think positively - 'Happy Feelings' are on the way. It's a 'Golden Time of Day' when you believe and proclaim it to be. So let's walk in unity so that humanity will reach its full potential. 'I Wanna Thank You' for visiting our blog. Go be great... Together! God bless!

- Reggie

#WeAreOne - by MAZE featuring Frankie Beverly

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