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Self-Examination (Composition #5)

Theme: From your own worst critic to your own toughest critic.


* Recognize the critic you are to yourself...

* Examining the timeline...

* Moving forward with what you got...

Hey everybody and welcome to Efforts of Harmony, the virtual headquarters of "Success 4 the Future". We're glad you're here. If you haven't already, be sure to check out all of our other blog entries, it's worth the visit.

Today's topic examines the idea of self-value. Using politics as an analogy - often times on the local level, citizens are concerned with the property values of their communities and they usually express this concern to their elected officials or current political candidates. The criticism utilized in this scenario leads to building a desired outcome of worthwhile and beneficial property values. We must examine our self-evaluation in the same manner, as an outlet to create our better self.

There's nothing wrong with acknowledging your faults. But, what will you do with this wisdom? Many people use this information as a handicap or clutch, which turns into an excuse to why we don't progress. What might happen if we used the recognition of our faults as a reason to make needed adjustments in our life? How much more would we contribute to society, if we weren't so focused in failure, still knowing that it exists?

The modern day church seems to be at fault of this, as it spends more time underlining the wrongdoings and mistakes of people, rather than proclaiming the good news and articulating the essential things we should be doing as a people. But that's for an entirely different discussion, some other time.

The chronological aspects of our life are designed to show us our individual purposes and the purposes of others. Unfortunately, more times than not, people are trapped by the features of vision. Mesmerized and dazed by the consequences of life, both good and bad, we overlook the opportunity that awaits our quest for discovery. Imagine a basketball player that slam dunks, but is too busy celebrating, and then the other team scores on a fast break play. Too much of bad criticism and great critiques can be damaging. There must be a balance.