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Connect the Dots (Composition #4)

Theme: Though different in purpose, the people that are apart of our lives are designed for our journey. How we adapt to circumstances determines our destiny.


* Why is this person in my life?

* How big can my dream be?

* Make it plain...

Happy Spring everybody, and welcome to Efforts of Harmony, the virtual headquarters of "Success 4 the Future" - we're glad you're here! Be sure to subscribe to our website so that you will know everything that we have going on.

Today's topic focuses on the idea of connecting the dots in your life. After reading, you will have a unique interpretation to planning, discovering, and making things happen. Often times, we are our own hurdles in life. Will we adjust for the better is the question?

Using the alphabet as the analogy - I feel, in life, that every human starts at Point A seeking to reach Point Z. Don't assume that Point Z is death. Instead examine Point Z as the time in your life when you are mentally stable, you can provide for yourself and your family, and your overflow is so affluent that you are able to provide for others at your own leisure as well. Too many people believe that this interpretation of how things could be, would be a fantasy life of some sorts. But why is that so in a society with such opportunity and innovation?

An ambitious adult, focused on becoming an elected official, will take the necessary initiative to get involved with the needed opportunities that support and advance the intent of the specific success and achievement that i