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The Media (Friday Funny #1)

Thanks for visiting Efforts of Harmony - the virtual headquarters of "Success 4 the Future". We're glad to have you.

It's Friday, and we take this time of the week to use humor as an educational outlet. Because this is the initial entry, and the blog is a media outlet itself, our first topic will be the media. We as a society are so fortunate to have this resource and the rights that come with it, let's make great service from it.

Check out this 'Crash Course' video that underlines the importance of the media in America and the influence it has on the people.

"In many ways the most important thing about media is what it doesn't cover. It's really hard for voters and other citizens to formulate opinions and try to influence their elected representatives if they don't know that something is even an issue."

From this understanding, Efforts of Harmony will be a meaningful tool for substantial information. Enjoy the journey! God bless!

- "Success 4 the Future"

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