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Little Drum Major's (Composition #3)

Theme: The sooner we recognize the gift, the sooner we can enhance and properly develop the ability...


* Shifting the approach of discovery...

* Raising standards and expectations...

* Embracing the passion of uniqueness...

Hello world! Welcome to Efforts of Harmony - the virtual headquarters of "Success 4 the Future".

Today's topic is catered towards the age old question: What do you want to be when you grow up? Sure enough everyone reading this has been asked this question. And, if you're old enough, I figure that you've asked someone the same thing.

But, before we dive into the subject matter, let me set a scene for you. It's a beautiful fall day on the hills of Alabama A&M University. Maroon & white is everywhere, the grills are fired up, music is heard all across the campus, and the fans are piling into the football stadium for an amazing day of school spirit and competition. No offense to my gridiron athletes, but this is the atmosphere set for band season. The football game was just an exciting additive. The halftime show and battle of the bands is why people came to the game. If you are familiar with HBCU's, you know exactly what I mean.

Well, bands are headed by Drum Major's. These individuals are responsible for leading rehearsals, being the primary disciplinarians, making sure that members are thoroughly prepared for the performance, and entertaining the masses with their unique skills and abilities. You're in the front and there's quite a bit of pressure. Everything basically rests on the sho