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iHelp Empower ALL Lives

Civic Engagement

Human Service Agents

When you are young, before you enter the system of can's and can'ts and do's and don'ts - your imagination is running rampant with the great potential of who and what you can become. iHeal aims to ensure that all people, regardless of their background, are given the tools to not only reach their goals and fulfill their God given purpose, but to lift someone else along the way.

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Specific Issues

The commUNITY

In order to prepare a future worth living in, it begins with the youngest of our citizens. iHeal recognizes the importance of worthwhile collaboration and advocates to bring the neighbor back to the hood. Comprised of youngsters from all over Mobile County - these young people work together to create solutions and avoid excuses, regardless of the circumstance.

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Members of iHeal recognize that strategic planning and economic development have no serious merit, if the youth of now are unable to preserve these efforts in the future. By exposing our participants to never before seen environments and setting high levels of expectation - these youth produce ideas and best practices, like never before.


Embracing Conversation

Our words create the platform which catapults our reality. Members of iHeal learn the importance of talking things out to implement and execute a plan. We, as a people, perish because we lack knowledge. All questions are encouraged and all questions are answered in iHeal.

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iHeal knows that the workforce rarely reflects the areas of town we live in individually. Therefore it is imperative to present opportunities to learn how others, with different geographical and economic distinctions, think compared to us. Only then will we reach our full potential.

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Power Ventures

You will never overcome a fear that you don't face, and you will never find something you don't seek after. In iHeal, participants learn the concepts of public policy, economic strategy and public speaking. They also gain the necessary training to share the burden of improving the quality of life - with the various leaders of their city, county, and state. Such practices propel members of iHeal to do exceptionally well in life, once they finish grade school - having a plethora of options.


Worthwhile Partnerships

Members of iHeal are fortunate to work cohesively with institutions such as Oberlin College of Ohio, the University of Florida, and Auburn University, to name a few. Members also work on grant opportunities with the National Science Foundation and the Association for the Study of Literature and Environment. With international exposure, one gains international abilities.

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iHeal Sets the Standard!

Here are a few members pictured after the Inaugural SGA Think Tank! These young world changers developed plans to enhance academic readiness; curtail youth violence; and increase available recreational activities among adolescents. This was the only youth organized and youth ran event at the Mobile Area Chamber of Commerce. #PowerMoves #ProactiveLeaders #TheFuture #TheNow #iHeal


"Success 4 the Future" is committed to partnering with institutions that believe in diversity and equity. We are proud of the collaboration we have created with Oberlin College of Ohio. There, the first collegiate degree was awarded to an African-American woman in 1862!

Keep Working

Generations unborn are being impacted by the decisions we make right now.

Focus on the work! #SolutionsONLY

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