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Sense, We Found It! (Catch Up, Mustard! #1)

From Reggie Hill, M. Ed. –

Great Day, Good People. Welcome back to another edition of our FY24 Blogs. As mentioned in our previous post Wednesday is designed to discuss Wisdom and Peace. This is reflective of the 2nd and 3rd Pillars of “S4TF”: Uplifting Education and NO! 2 Violence.

“S4TF” teaches Project Participants that learning is lifelong and reaches far beyond the traditional classroom. This means that you can learn anywhere and there is more information to obtain than what’s printed in standardized books.

We believe that developing non-cognitive skills is most important when it relates to Wisdom. Your effort, willingness to accomplish goals, level of motivation, communication awareness, and self-efficiency prepare you to become successful with cognitive expectations (i.e. – memory, motor skills, ability to process ideas, ability to apply process to productivity). This is Uplifting Education.

While we do not condone violence within “S4TF”, we do believe in self-preservation at the sign of a threat. NO! 2 Violence, is a personal pact that insists you won’t accept an invitation to embrace or endorse intentional acts of physical contact in a hostile manner. Yet, you will not allow anyone to belittle your worth with senseless or cowardly attacks.

Sure a world of absolute harmony would be amazing. Until we get there though, we must be vigilant about the realities of now.

I believe that the course of events in the past several days, this week even, make for a great discussion topic for our 2nd illustration for FY24. There is a lot going on in America. Once we realize such actions just trickle down to the local levels—we’ll be better off as a people, holistically.

Here are the points:

· Legend of the last Slave Ship (Here, You Sure?)

· Remembering the Senior U. S. Senator from California (Her Replacement)

· A Silenced Speaker (Time Will Tell)

· Money Plays (11/17 for US)

· Groundbreaking or Ground Shaking (Reckless Evictions)

· Conversation Matters (Downtown Dialogue)

What’s most amazing about legends is that a plethora of people are allowed an opportunity to share their intake and cast their tales on a root instance, regardless of their direct experiences with the same.

There are those who would argue against the idea that Mobile, AL housed the last slave ship to enter the Country. There are others who feel the truth of such was passed down with the utmost credibility. Regardless of your stance on the matter, the idea that a particular class of people suffered for generations is absolutely factual. Remnants of this believed behavior exist even today.

In 2019, flanked with representatives from our State and Nation’s Capitol, I had the privilege of being the youngest person in the room (representing “Success 4 the Future”) when it was publicly revealed that the Clotilda had been found. What an honor this was.

My paternal lineage links back to Plateau, AL. My Grandfather’s name is even on the cornerstone for Yorktown Missionary Baptist Church. My Grandmother was the the first Manager of Kidd Park, in the neighborhood. So much of who I am stems from this national heirloom we now call Africatown.

In the coming weeks, we will dive into this historical element, highlighting the injustices that still exist and showcasing those entities working towards making this community livable and conducive for the attraction it has become. As long as Residents are still suffering, more is to be done!

Courtesy “The Cut”

Ultimately, and most would agree, those who enter Public Service, do so to improve the quality of life for others. Now what happens to those intentions after one has taken an oath and joined such ranks is a totally different story. Nonetheless, still remains the beauty of democracy. As I often share, we don’t always have to agree. But, when our focus in on making human endeavor better, we must make decisions that are sufficient for all people represented.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein was a trailblazer. Whether you agreed with her politics or not, especially seeing that she was at the forefront of Abortion Rights and Gun Control, many attest to the fact that she was fair and considerate to the positions of those around her.

The outpouring of respect and high-regard that she has received from delegates on all sides of the aisle is a testament to the life she lived and presented on a daily basis. Women in government definitely owe a debt of gratitude for the doors she opened and the platforms she made accessible.

As you continue discovering the meaning to why we each are here on Earth, be empathetic to the livelihood of those who share a geographical setting with you. Be willing to acknowledge the reasoning of your fellow man, even when you don’t agree with them. We know that strength is in numbers. When we commit ourselves to the notion of our likeness over our differences, we shall see our best examples of existence.

Our Country lost a gem, with the passing of this power women. Let us continue to fight for cause that matter. Let us be held accountable for our actions. And, let in an unwavering fashion, live to create and sustain the Nation we desire to see. Everyone has a specific role to play. Senator Feinstein made this evident.

Courtesy “”

As it relates to Party Affiliation, I guess the idea that blood is thicker than water does not apply. Earlier this week, the United States House of Representatives in a never before encountered gesture, ousted the Speaker of the House.

Honestly, I never understood how Rep. McCarthy obtained the seat… seeing his dealing with former President Trump. But that’s politics. I chose this issue as a part of the discussion, not to inflame the pain I am sure the Congressman from California is feeling, but instead to remind our Readers the influence a small group of people can have on everyday concerns that challenge how we live.

One man had the audacity to suggest making a change, and inevitably enough in agreement followed suit.

Instead of complaining about the neglect in our neighborhoods, what steps are we taking to resolve those inconveniences? Instead of simply talking about the problems we all know to be apparent, what plans are we executing to actually be the difference. Instead of blaming others for the lackluster representation we deserve, how are we organizing to proactively prevent such hardships?

There is so much more to unpack about this. Let’s see who takes the gavel and we’ll revisit, then!

Courtesy “Glass Overflowing”

If you don’t know where this clipart came from, it might explain a sense of confusion when it comes to governmental affairs. School House Rock is one of the many lost treasures that enhanced intelligence throughout the United States of America. Using music, this broadcast made the most difficult processes simple enough for even a child to comprehend.

As you should be aware, the U. S. Congress passed a bill to keep the Government open. However, the stipulation affirms that this passage is only good through November 17, 2023.

I felt this was important to address, not because it’s a national controversy… but because I wanted to encourage our Readers to think locally. While we are American Citizens, we are under the direction, most importantly, from local Public Officials.

“S4TF” teaches Project Participants that every National Movement begins in someone’s City Hall. Whether that be Voting Rights stemming from Selma, AL; Civil Rights stemming from Birmingham, AL; or Police Brutality Rights stemming from Minneapolis, MN… the massive attention planted its seed in a specific Municipality.

When is the last time you attended a School Board, City Council, of County Commission meeting? Do you have a relationship with your State Legislator? Can you pull up (online) or locate (physically) the most recent Budget passed by either of those just mentioned?

We must realize that this is our money that Elected Officials (reportedly) are spending. We must also come to grips and realize that the Government works for us. Not the other way around. Until then, we should not be shocked when grievances are overlooked or potential dangers are ignored.

In the coming weeks, we’ll discuss more about how to best get involved with your local Government. Believe it or not, this is the most important act of civility one could exude!

Next week, we’ll unpack the Housing Crisis that is running rampant all over the Nation. A link is listed above to see the status of Mobile, AL. There is much to share!

Last week I got to share an amazing conversation with a Friend of mine and “S4TF” supporter. Marc Jackson is truly making power moves in the State of Alabama. Check out my interview on Hit House Chronicles, linked above. Much more to share about this man and our future, collaborative ventures in the coming weeks. Thanks for stopping through!


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